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9 Beltana Rd, Pialligo ACT 2609, Australia

Phone : πŸ“ž +7
Postal code : 2609
Website : http://www.tarapetboarding.com.au/
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9 Beltana Rd, Pialligo ACT 2609, Australia
Karen Livanes on Google

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Our pups first visit to daycare was a great experience from the moment we registered him online to attend classes to picking him and everything in between. The facilities are fantastic, emails were responded to almost immediately and you could feel they really love their jobs. Our pup was absolutely exhausted when he got home which is a great indication that he thoroughly enjoyed himself. He will be a regular. Thank you team Tara
Melanie Pretorius on Google

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Make sure you get what you are paying for. We paid for luxury accommodation and all the extras that come with the service only to discover on day 3 of his stay he was not receiving the luxury stay, the only reason I realized this was he was not featured in any of the public luxury stay photos with the other dogs. I tried to phone, sent emails and only on the 3rd day did someone get back to me. He was moved on the 3rd day to luxury. When we picked him up, he had not been bathed which was also part of the luxury service. Very disappointed and won’t be using the service again.
Erin Da Deppo on Google

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My boy loves his time at Tara’s and we have always been made to feel right at home. The staff are great and my boy always comes home very happy (and tired haha) but that’s exactly what I want - it means he has had a great day at daycare. Can highly recommend:)
Sam Blow on Google

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My partner and I boarded our dog at Tara Estate for 2 weeks while we travelled abroad earlier in the year, she had truly traumatic experience where she and the other boarders were left alone in the yard and tragically one dog killed another. The worst part of this ordeal for our situation, was that we weren’t properly informed of what happened until domestic services informed us 6 weeks after the incident. It was only after a call from domestic services that Tara Estate contacted us properly. My partner and I arrived back to Canberra and continued our routine of taking our dog to dog parks and around our friends with small children, without knowing she had experienced such trauma. She became more reactive to fights and noises that were in her vicinity after this incident. At a later date, when we managed to get more details out of workers regarding the incident we were told our dog needed a wash to remove the blood of the other poor dog. 6 months away from this place, and some re-training from a real professional has been helpful to our dog and she’s much more settled. Friends of ours also have their own horror story with this place, but that’s not our experience to share. I would highly recommend you board your pet elsewhere.
Mia Pettersen on Google

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We take our Stevie to Tara three times a week and couldn’t ask for a better place and environment for her to be in. They take incredible care of her and the other dogs at daycare. Her tail wags from the moment she enters the gates till the moment we pick her up. The highlight of my day is watching the Tara insta stories and spotting Stevie swimming, running and even kissing other dogs ? My mum and I are so grateful to have such an accomodating and reliable place to send our girl ? Thank you Tara!
Penni Milton on Google

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First time leaving our giant puppy while we went away. We were nervous about leaving him but the process was swift and the staff were so lovely to him (and us). When we picked him up he was filthy - always a sign he's been having fun. Next time I will pay for the bath at the end of his stay! Although happy to.see us, our puppy was happy and healthy after eight days. His family is happy!
Camilla De Iesu on Google

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I was a bit worried when we left our dog here, he is very social but there were A LOT of dogs present at the facility when we left him. Nevertheless, he has been treated with plenty of personalised love and affection, when he came home and slept the whole day, which is always a good sign! We will definitely use Tara next time we go on holiday.
Kt β€œChappy” on Google

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Tara estate have always taken such great care of my fur baby. She used to board with them regularly and go to day care, and is always so happy to get there. They have been taking special care of her at day care lately, which has been amazing, because she is now 3 legged and has terminal cancer. They have helped make her last days/months great ones! Highly recommended!

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