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33 Swanston St, Mentone VIC 3194, Australia

Phone : πŸ“ž +88
Postal code : 3194
Website : http://www.gacmentone.com.au/
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33 Swanston St, Mentone VIC 3194, Australia
Abhishek Shokeen on Google

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Great service and friendly staff..
Yvette Graham on Google

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Dropped in here to get engine checked - the guy did it for me straight away and with no charge - cant ask for better than that.
Phil Marks on Google

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Xtra beaut mob and quality of work but, but, but David Rabinov isn't kissable !!
Bayside European on Google

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I have used the boys at Junctions a few times now. John and the guys there always look after every situation. Their service and commitment is just fantastic. I always know that I can get on with the rest of my day when I use their services. Thanks guys.
Arriane M on Google

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My wife's car was making noise from front left tyre and we were told the wheel bearing needed replacing. Guy at Junction said he had to replace BOTH wheel bearings not just one for $880. Next tried Toyota who quoted $600 for ONE wheel bearing replaced! Eventually went to Ultra tune Warrigal/Centre Dandenong rd, they did it for $380....pays to shop around huh! saved 500 bucks NOT using Junction!!
computer gigg technology on Google

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Excellent service and great staff . I'm loving it
Eddie Patelle on Google

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Absolute shysters. Paid over $1000 more than I should have for a dodgy full service before a long drive across Australia (lots of random and unexplainable charges on receipt); my personal safety was endangered on drive due to the dodgy job (exhaust pipe fell out, power steering band had been installed twisted, air filters were filthy, wiring under bonnet seemed to have been pulled out and shoved back in in a completely disorderly fashion); had to spend thousands more at my honest mechanic upon arrival home, in order to re-fix all the parts that Junction had 'replaced'/'fixed' at exorbitant prices. Dishonest and expensive service. Avoid at all costs.
Pete L on Google

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Generally you are expecting to receive a good customer service from a business, unfortunately sometimes you are getting a poor one. I can describe my experience of dealing with this company as pretty horrendous. Probably you only can get such experience when a business isn't familiar with the concept of customer service. In early August I approached Junction Tyre & Auto Services to get RWC for my new car. Unfortunately during COVID lockdown I didn't have many options to select a right company for this purpose due to the travel restrictions. To get RWC the windows tinting film required a replacement. Junction Tyre offered to do this through their contacts. After paying to Junction Tyre & Auto Services for the tinting job and collecting the vehicle from their premises I discovered the car trim damages, immediately notified Junction Tyre staff members about the damage and the photos were taken by the mentioned staff. Later I passed to Junction Tyre the copies of the damage assessment and the quote for the damages repair from my car brand authorised service centre. The staggering cost of the damages is over $4,000. The person which running Junction business informed me that he lodged a claim with their insurance company. A few days later he changed his mind and made the suggestion to me to discuss my problems directly with the business which Junction Tyre hired to perform the tint job on my car and to exclude his company from any further dealings with this matter. More, without my permission Junction provided my contact details to the mentioned tinting business compromising my personal privacy. By this time this abnormal saga didn't change at all. This is what can happen when you decide to deal with the business which successfully managed to get 10 (ten) Google reviews over 8-year period.

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