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5 Canley Vale Rd, Canley Vale NSW 2166, Australia

Phone : πŸ“ž +979
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5 Canley Vale Rd, Canley Vale NSW 2166, Australia
Natalie Ma on Google

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Friendly service not wanting to rip you off for having a hobby. Most pet stores make it a sin to have a hobby and you pay for your sins by having them rip an arm or a leg off of your body. Husband and wife team are really nice and well spoken.
Orion Lazarus on Google

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Decent place, a wide range of freshwater and saltwater products, some other dog, cat and reptile products as well. A lot of sick fish though, not sure about the quarantine process, more of a quantity over quality. 3.4 (may be bias as I've visited other high quality aquarium stores).
Anh Le on Google

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The shop has a great range of Dragontail guppies. The colours are very vibrant. Shop owners are helpful. I recommend choosing your fish thoroughly as they tend to get sick more than guppies from other aquarium.
Chi Tung on Google

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Either incompetent or dishonest, whichever it is just be super careful with your dealing with the owner. Also He will never tell you the facts directly and lead you to draw a conclusion which makes him a sale. It’s what they do in Asia..seen it all too often. If you can put up with this, then buy here, if not, pay a premium and buy from a decent but expensive aquarium elsewhere like one in Auburn where everything is perfect. Just be aware the fishes have a higher tendency to get sick, because of the lack of maintenance, other customers handling the fish improperly from the tank (who cares about the fish they caught, it’s the ones they left behind waiting for you to buy next you need to worry about) and quick moving box attitude.
Ricky Sudargo on Google

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Bad service as always. He cares about his newspaper more than his customers. He sat and read his newspaper and ignored his customers. He even did not look happy when customers visit his store. I hope Trans Aquarium will reopen like normal very soon. Give me thumps up if you have same experience, i am sure i am not the only one.
Ben Wilson on Google

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A lot of 5 star reviews for a reason. I loved this shop. Got a new tank that's great quality and was an absolute bargain! Had freshwater fish I'd never seen before. Amazing. Must see!
BJ Jusay on Google

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I remember coming here with my Dad for the first time when I was 12 years old and it's still the same people that runs the shop. Always friendly, helpful, fair and by far my favourite Aquarium shop till this day. Yes it may be a small shop but they have pretty much what you need and a whole lot more. Superb prices and a great overall experience in my opinion also!
Omer Askin on Google

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Nice place to buy fish but the prices could be a little more affordable.

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