Jasmine House - Ernest Cavanagh St & Gribble Street

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Ernest Cavanagh St & Gribble Street, Gungahlin ACT 2912, Australia

Phone : πŸ“ž +788
Postal code : 2912
Website : http://jasminehouse.com.au/
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Ernest Cavanagh St & Gribble Street, Gungahlin ACT 2912, Australia
Shahnaz Afreenu on Google

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Poor poor customer service. The waitress was so rude. Despite having an empty restaurant she won't give us a bigger table. Our food didn't even fit on the table and then she bought a trolley. Never ever ever I will go back to this place.
iNdIe on Google

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It's Friday night. Our orders come 45mins . The table around us come after us eat and left and we are still waiting. The plump lady apologised and said it's bloody weekend and it's busy But only 4 tables ooccupied. Really? What am excuse.!
Dan Williams on Google

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

Wow, words cannot describe how bad the customer service has gone with this establishment. We have been loyal customers for many years and haven’t normally had issues. However, at 4:30pm we placed an order, yes via Menu Log but bare with me…. The order was due for delivery at 5:25pm. Jasmine House called us after realising THEY messed up the order, (chicken and vegetables was replaced with chilli beef), and asked if that was ok. The answer was β€˜No’ as the chicken was ordered for children who aren’t fond of beef or chilli. They said they would remake the chicken dish. A short time later the order with the incorrect dish arrived. Problems happen, Ok so far….. 30 mins later and no corrected dish, we call Jasmine House back. We were told they were waiting on the driver to collect the food. Another 30 mins later with no food we make another call and was told the driver collected it 15-20 mins prior. Now, I will add, we live a very short distance from this business. The person on the phone called the driver who said they would be a further 10 mins away. With now over an hour past due time, hungry children were fed alternative things. This was explained and a refund, partial for the missing dish at least was requested. This was refused and pushed back to Menu Log to fix, remember, Jasmine House called us for their stuff up, not Menu Log. The supervisor was spoken to who refused to provide their name, refused any form of refund, refused to provide owner name or a way to contact to lodge a complaint and refused to pass our details to owner for a call back. Even acknowledging the business arrangement they have with Menu Log, they refused to take it up with Menu Log and continued to push us to make the complaint to Menu Log ourselves. Consumer rights were explained however fell on deaf ears and full refusal to assist in anyway. The missing dish turned up at 7:00pm. Not worried about refund now as we did eventually receive the food we paid for, however I cannot in good conscience, continue to support such abysmal business practices and treatment. I will not be a return customer, there are plenty of alternative restaurants in the area serving similar food.
Maggie Hansen on Google

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We ordered our food on the website at 6.00pm. We waited an hour as it said on the website and went to pick it up. The lady could not tell us how much longer it would be but we saw 20 other people waiting and figured we would be waiting a while. During this time the two people at the counter continued to take online orders and phone orders, completely ignoring the people who have waited up to two hours for their orders. We waited two hours for our order and it was not worth the wait. The service is terrible.
Connor Weeden on Google

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Food is good but waited over an hour longer than what they said our order would be. Had to wait 20 mins just to ask if it was ready because they were too busy taking more and more orders while people waited almost 2 hours to get their food
Zhiheng Gao on Google

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

We waited an hour for our food to be tabled and they were among the worst Chinese food I have had in the recent years. Flavours were off and ingredients were wrong. The restaurant was referred as the ceiling in Canberra on the Chinese red book social media and our disappointment was made worse by our expectation. The service was poor. Not only did the waitress refused our legitimate requests such as one more bottle of water, she also joked with us as if we were really close friends for years and made it really awkward.
Tammy Hogan on Google

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The food was beautiful and came very timely. We Had combination chow mien and Thai green curry with rice and spring rolls for entree. Kim finished off the entire meal it was so nice
Ryan Watt on Google

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

The sweet and sour chicken fritters combined with the Hong Kong chicken fried rice is one of the best Chinese dishes I have had.

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