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Carlingford Court, Shop 121/801 Pennant Hills Rd, Carlingford NSW 2118, Australia

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Postal code : 2118
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Carlingford Court, Shop 121/801 Pennant Hills Rd, Carlingford NSW 2118, Australia
Richard Chen on Google

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The person I talked to at home loan wasted over half an hour of everyone's time trying to answer a couple of simple home loan questions, this could have been avoided if she bothered to listen and tried not to talk over the customer. Unbelievable!
Scot Wallace on Google

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Closed during lunch time. Isnt mentioned anywhere until you get to the branch.
GM Rashedul on Google

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Great customer service. Sunny was really friendly and helpful so was Mina on next visit. They’re assets for the branch.
Annesly Ratnayake on Google

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This was such a long over due compliment yet today I have taken the honour and privilege of giving 5 stars to our Local Bank ANZ at Carlingford. I felt to reward them very comfortably without any hesitation due to their awesome service. Thanking you Annesly
KasYL Seeto on Google

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My experiences at Carlingford branch was with the service by the front people and availability is poor Very poor, that I feel that service training is require to reinforce for staff that long discussions amongst themselves with no customer with them is poor manners . Three times in three different days In one week, waiting in queue over 12 minutes . One would think that with all the β€œ busy looking staff”, One would approach and smile to update the wait is . Twice this week , I had to walked out due to time constraint and there was people behind me . Today , though the lady , falsely apologised, that she did not see me with her back facing me and that after 6 minutes with another staff, contrived and continued to present her back . (I had rainbow colours on ..) Today , they were unable to provide answers as to credit card pick up and definite process . I was told to call the Support line as they could not provide details . . Since relocating , Carlingford was the closest . And one that I will NOT be using . Now to travel back to my old branch,St Ives, for their gold , efficient services .
k j on Google

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All the staff in Carlingford branch are so friendly, are willing to help customers. On my occasion Grace for loan settling issue, Sunny for following up the issue, Mina cheque withdrawal assist. Happy to visit and see the staffs again!!
Anoma R on Google

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I felt to reward the ANZ Bank at Carlingford very comfortably without any hesitation, not for anything else but because of the friendly, helpful staff. The staff Cheng is so accommodative and more over very supportive too She has always being very helpful for us for the last may be 14 years. We are with the bank since then due to her warm welcome. ANZ Carlingford is so lucky to have such a great staff. She has helped me, my hubby and my daughter equally well enough. I do BANKING only with ANZ for the last 20 yrs. We are so comfortable to deal with them due to the above mentioned reasons. Other staff is also equally friendly as well. Now we feel our Bank is far more comfortable, elegant and more safer after the new renovations. Beautiful set up. Anoma
Phillip Vassallo on Google

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I went to open a business account, and Grace was very helpful despite it only being a small account. Only thing was that it required two visits to the branch rather than the one as corporate had to verify my ID, but aside from that excellent customer service! I'd recommend ANZ for others too.

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