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23 Frome St, Griffith ACT 2603, Australia

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23 Frome St, Griffith ACT 2603, Australia
Ryan Hickey on Google

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Sarah is a very professional and experienced dog trainer. Our AMSTAFF can be a handful on walks but after just a couple of Sarahs lessons we noticed a difference in his manners. He listens to commands and doesn't try and be the pack leader. I highly recommend Sarah for any of your dog needs.
Linda Nicholls on Google

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I was very fortunate to meet with Sarah in my time of need. My Alaskan Malamute at eight months old was very strong, wilful and very disobedient. She is now 1 year and 2 months old and the change in her is astounding. She no longer reacts badly to other dogs, she is so good with off leash and she behaves so well. This has become possible due to Sarah's training. I love my baby girl and I honestly thought I was incapable of having such a strong willed dog. Sarah has given me the confidence and the ability to be the best dog owner possible to my fur baby. Thank you Sarah. ????
Jessica Earley on Google

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Sarah and her team have been fabulous for our crazy Belgian Malinois puppy. Peggy has really matured, is calmer around other dogs, great with people and walks great on the leash. She always come back from a walk exhausted. Thanks so much!
Geoff Cave on Google

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I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who needs training for their canine companions. She has great communication skills- both with people and their dogs, and clearly loves her work. After a one-on-one session with my 1yo Staffie she provided a detailed training plan and followed it up by introducing Chester to new environments, improving his leash manners and calming him around other people and dogs After just a few sessions I could see a huge improvement- and she has provided me with tips, techniques- and confidence to continue with his training. Thanks again Sarah!!
Chrissy Lee on Google

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Sarah has been an absolute godsend. I can’t emphasise enough how much of a difference there has been with our dogs since Sarah came into the picture. It started out with one session and now we’ve booked three sessions per week, ongoing. The moment I met her I trusted her instantly and I can’t say the same for anyone else I’ve ever met. The dogs love her to bits and to say they get excited when she pulls up would be a huge understatement. The dogs are much calmer, happier, confident and better behaved. It’s only been a few weeks and we’ve seen an incredible difference. I can’t wait to see what months will do. I promise you, Sarah will be the best investment you could ever make in your dog’s wellbeing (and your own). I’ve recommended her to anyone that’ll listen. Honestly, part of me is skeptical to post a review because we want her all to ourselves! Contact her. Book in with her. You won’t regret it.
Billy R on Google

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Sarah was very helpful in crate training my new puppy and helping with obedience training. She also assisted us with socialising the puppy with an older dog. She is very professional, gives great advice and training and her assistance has been great in helping settle our puppy.
Caryn Austin on Google

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Sarah is an excellent dog trainer, knowledgeable and patient. She helped us with the basics of puppy training, establishing recall and the walk session was super beneficial to improve skills on the leash. Sarah is full of practical advice and follows up her sessions with detailed notes via email. Thanks heaps Sarah, we can’t wait to work with you again for our next puppy!
Georgia Garlick on Google

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Sarah has been so amazing while I've been unable to walk our dogs due to an injury. They can definitely be a handful but Sarah is able to manage both big dogs easily and quickly built a strong rapport with them. Her leadership with the dogs is so clear and as a result they are always on their best behaviour for her! She has been so accommodating right from the initial phone consult (that I pretty much cried through when going over some of the challenges we've had with previous training) to being super flexible with bookings and so generous with her skills and wisdom. We are so lucky to have found Sarah when we did and I can't recommend her enough!

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