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8 Arunta St, Narrabundah ACT 2604, Australia

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8 Arunta St, Narrabundah ACT 2604, Australia
Aimee Kohler on Google

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Jan is AMAZING!!! I am still in awe at what she was able to do with my eyebrows. Everyday I used to have to always draw them on to fill out the gaps between the hairs and create equal shapes so my eyebrows looked the same, and geez it became such an annoying process, then of course I would accidentally pluck the wrong hairs and ruin one eyebrow then have to wait a long time for it to grow back. Jan then introduced me to her new eyebrow tattooing which was amazing! from the beginning she made me feel right at home and safe with what she was going to do. Whilst we waited for the numbing cream (which works amazingly well!!!) to set in, I was able to show her photos of the type of eyebrows I was hoping she could create. then I showed her the colour I was after which was the same colour as my eyebrow pencil, and she was able to create the colour spot on! throughout the process of tattooing it on she would ask me to look at my eyebrows and let her know what I thought. This made me trust her completely as I was able to see what she was doing, and she was doing great! I was worried she would do it, finish it, THEN let me look at it... but nope! I got to check them all along and it was fantastic! She did such an amazing job, I would not recommend anyone else touch eyebrows except Jan! we had to go overtime just to make sure they were perfect, and that's Jan - she won't ever finish or rush a job until it's perfect and we're both happy! Plus she has such an amazing heart and she's so beautiful and fun to be around... it didn't matter to me the session went longer! lol Being with Jan 100% means you're in safe hands... I have not used my eyebrow pencil since, and sometimes when I pluck the odd eyebrow hair I don't care if I plucked the wrong one because the tattoo fills out the gap anyway! I can now get ready to go out about 20 mins quicker thanks to Jan! and again... JAN IS FANTASTIC!!! THE BEST! Can't recommend highly enough xxx
Jeni Craven-Sands on Google

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Brilliant! Very professional and beautiful workmanship. I felt instantly at ease, George talked me through the process and ensured I was happy with the design and placement. I will definitely be returning.
Debbie McQuirk on Google

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Jan is a fabulous woman who knows her craft very well, she is fabulous and friendly and always makes sure the client is comfortable, and happy. I would highly recommend On Point Tattoo to everyone. I cannot thank her enough for her amazing work and amazing care.
Michael Robens on Google

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I've never met someone as passionate about their job. His piece's are better than I've seen anywhere. His skills and application across a broad range of works is something to admire. Have a look at his portfolio and you will see his range both small and large. Fine and with shading. He enjoys doing piece's that are symbolic and carry a meaning. This is where you go when you have something you have been thinking about something for years. He will help develop ideas. And sketch things out with you to help make it the way you imagined it.
Sophie Reynolds on Google

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Very happy with my design and the artistic licence I gave George has given me a fantastic result, there is a huge difference between a tattooist and a tattooist who is an artist, George is the latter. The the tattoo healed completely with no scabbing within about 10 days
Maria Clara InaΓͺ Miranda on Google

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It was a great experience having my tattoo with Jan. In fact, both Jan & George were lovely, they have such a positive vibe! Very relaxing environment, with an amazing plus: the little dog that welcomed me! So cute and so therapeutic! Also, Jan has gentle and talented hands! I am super happy with my dotted tattoo, it’s such a delicate and beautiful artwork! Thank you so much! :) Highly recommended!
Alanna Reneman on Google

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Words cannot describe just how truly amazing this place is! George has such extraordinary raw talent which is further enhanced by his decades of experience. He is so much more gentle than any other artist I’ve been to, the environment is relaxing and comfortable it feels like skin therapy! He has an extremely unique ability to combine different artistic concepts seamlessly into an effortlessly smooth and multidimensional piece of pure art. He is dedicated, patient and invested into providing both a quality piece and quality experience. Without a doubt the most unique tattoo parlour I have ever seen and we’ll worth the drive from Sydney. His wife Jan is also so beautiful and welcoming. Thanks George!
Nick B on Google

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Could not be happier with George's work. George took the time to discuss and review my concept design, then he set about improving it out of this world and then executing a design and a tattoo that I absolutely love! If you're serious about getting a tattoo, particularly if you want excellent quality work that is meaningful to you, do yourself a favour and check out their work!

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